The KKK To Do The Right Thing?

One notes that Michael Sean “Kit” Carson, a former youth coach at Peterborough, Norwich City and Cambridge United has been killed in what has been described as a “single vehicle crash”

The 74 year-old was facing multiple charges over alleged sexual offences against children between 1978 and 2009. Rumours persist that Mr. Carson committed suicide.

Internet rumours are also claiming that the Kerrydale Kiddyfiddling Klan have hired a vehicle in the hope of encouraging all their paedophiles and paedophile harbourers to commit suicide prior to fresh allegations surfacing.

KKK F.C. declined to comment


James Molloy, Lincolnshire

Declined To Comment F.C Find Their Voice

It has come as no surprise to see The Kerrydale Kiddyfiddling Klan suddenly find their voice. They are causing an almighty fuss over the performance of a referee, having been played off the park by Rangers on 29th December. Isn’t it curious that over that past six years referees have been just fine, and it’s only after a defeat by Rangers that the whistlers and their families incur the wrath and death threats of the Bheast?

Rest assured, it can only now be a matter of time before the S.F.A. Compliance Officer issues a string of “charges” against KKK F.C., just as she did when Rangers commented on the lies of referee Willie Collum. I’m sure she’s busy compiling the paperwork as I type…..

One would also be forgiven for suspecting that the KKK are trying to deflect from more serious matters pertaining to up-coming court cases and the sentencing of their paedophiles. The Club Like No Other trying to cover up the cover-up? Well I never.

A reminder:

Documents filed at Livingston Sheriff Court allege young boys aged between just 12 and 15 years old were victims of indecent assault and lewd, indecent and libidinous practices at the hands of Celtic official Jim McCafferty. Many of the offences are alleged to have been committed in the Celtic Park dressing room.

He is also charged with sexually abusing children during football tours in Germany and Austria. In total he is accused of molesting 18 children whilst employed at Celtic Park, including one charge of sodomy.


Celtic coach Jim McCafferty (far left)

The Big Paedophile Case begins later this month.

Things are going to get much, much worse for KKK F.C.

It’s not going away you know.

Phil White

And Justice For All

“…And Justice for All” is the fourth studio album by American heavy metal band Metallica, released on August 25, 1988.

Today, out of the blue, STV has dealt what could be a devastating blow to Celtic and their long denial, some might say, cover up of child abuse and the allegations of a paedophile ring at Celtic Park. “Whistleblower accuses Celtic of failing sex abuse victims”

The whistleblower is one Gerry McSherry, previously best known for being a regular, some might say fanatical, contributor to phone-ins and letters pages regarding all things pertaining to his beloved Celtic. Twenty years ago, McSherry was so disgusted by the allegations of child abuse at Parkhead that he contacted the authorities to have it exposed and the abusers meet justice. He became so obsessed that the Glasgow Herald, featured the story of how he directed a campaign against Frank Cairney, one of the men he reported to the police.

There is no need in this brief piece to repeat the many previous allegations, one by one being proven as fact as the guilty parties find justice. These are easily found online. What should be brought again to peoples’ attention is the vast number of players these sick bastards molested, the number of evil doers employed by Celtic or associated with Celtic and the shameful, prolonged stance of Celtic to admit what went wrong and to come clean, even after all these years. Celtic proudly proclaim that they were founded by a Catholic priest, have Catholic roots and maintain their proud Catholic heritage. So here’s a question, based on that religion, is confession not good for the soul?

If the pedants among you readers deny Brother Walfrid was Catholic, you should know the Society of Mary (Marists), commonly known as simply the Marist Fathers, is an international Roman Catholic religious congregation.Statistics show that child abuse is a practice often shared. From this, paedophile rings are formed. Celtic need to explain why so many who share this sick proclivity found the opportunity to do so at Parkhead, Barrowfield, New Jersey and the homes of the likes of Torbett; why the innocents, who only wanted to play football and maybe one day make the first team, had their innocence taken away and, most damningly, why they did not report the abuse, as it was uncovered to the police, to be investigated.Was there a more sinister reason that Jimmy Savile was a regular visitor?While the footballing world is aware of the chant “Big Jock Knew”, which, given that when he was told of the abuse, was supposedly to have physically kicked Torbett out the door, must then be regarded as factually correct. We must also ask “who else knew?” The Kellys and the Whites must have, the allegations were reported to the Board. Billy McNeill did, proven by his statement that the abuse was “an open secret” at Parkhead, which suggest most at Parkhead in any capacity at the time also knew. Liam Brady and chief scout John Kelman knew, the New Jersey abuse was told to them by the poor child’s father. There are references in two former players’ autobiographies to the scandal. Fergus McCann? Former players who came through the Boys Club? McStay, Grant, Burns?Worse yet, what of the allegations that Celtic high ranking employees visited families of the abused and asked them to keep it quiet for “the good name of the Club”?

Referring to 20 years ago McSherry said: “I gave the police the names. 14 names, not two names.”  Who are the other twelve? Who could have been saved? What pain could have been spared?Which all begs the questions “why was more not done?” and “why was the abuse given scant attention in the media?” It sure looks like there was a cover up. We now need to know at what level? Was it the Police? The DPP? The media?  Most importantly, who orchestrated the cover up? Is there a master of puppets?How much brown stuff is about to hit the fan if one of the news outlets who previously wouldn’t say a bad word about the Celtic cover up has broken ranks? Will more follow?“Master of Puppets” is the third studio album released by Metallica. It was released two years before “Justice”. So who is the Master of Puppets? Is even he about to lose his tight grip on this? Finally, will there be justice for all?

This situation is now, I suggest, about to erupt worse than Krakatoa or Vesuvius ever did.

John McCrae


A former chief executive of the Scottish Football Association (SFA) has called for an inquiry into historical sexual abuse. Gordon Smith told BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland programme it should look at how clubs and national bodies responded to allegations. Mr Smith said: “There should be an inquiry, an inquiry into anybody who knew anything about this sort of thing.

You mean like Big Jock, who knew?

“If this was happening at a club, what action did they take?

In the case of the Parkhead Paedophiles – none.

“We’re now finding out some of the cases down in England where the club tried to hush the situation, even paid a player money to not say anything about it.”

Over at Cromwell Street, the Celtic Manager Jock Stein instructed employees to hush up the filth perpetrated by twice-convicted Celtic paedophile James Torbett.

The English Football Association has commissioned an independent investigation into the way it dealt with abuse allegations.

Meanwhile the Scottish Football Association followed Peter’s instructions carefully and tried to act as if 5 paedophiles strutting their stuff at the Theatre of Shame was nothing out of the ordinary.

Partick Thistle have not named the physiotherapist accused of carrying out abuse or made clear if he was reported to the authorities at the time.

The Parkhead Peadophiles have re-named their youth wing St. Patricks, gave them a bung and reported absolutely nothing to anyone at any time.

In a statement, the north Glasgow club said: “As far as Thistle’s current management can ascertain, no other allegations were made to the club at that time with regard to him or any other employee. “The club has contacted the SFA and Police Scotland to advise them of what they know to date and will fully comply with any investigation.”

Conversely, directors at the Parkhead Paedophiles contacted Torbett to renew business arrangements and warned him to watch his back.

Partick Thistle said the police and the football authorities have now been informed Gordon Smith said any inquiry set up by the football authorities would have to consider three groups of people.

“Obviously there’s people who were committing the offences,” he said. “They are a disgrace and hopefully they’re going to be found out legally and charged.

Two Celtic paedophiles convicted so far, with three more due in court.

“There’s the kids who suffered from it who are now adults who obviously got great psychological and traumatic effects of it.

The kids, now traumatised adults, who deserve apologies and compensation from the vile perpetrators and the rancid organisations and individuals who covered for same.

“The third element is the people who maybe knew something about this going on and didn’t do anything about it. Although they’re maybe not legally culpable they’re certainly morally culpable because they didn’t do anything about it.”

Jock Stein, Kevin Kelly, Jack McGinn and Billy McNeil to name but a few.

The SFA said it is not currently backing the idea of an independent inquiry but it may look at the proposal again after police have gathered evidence.

Say something quick, get on the phone to Peter for advice and hope this all goes away.


“The darkness associated with a club with a triumphant past just won’t go way.”


Below, an excerpt from “Celtic – The Official History” by former Celtic Football Club Director Brian Wilson.

“Youngsters like Roy Aitken and Tommy Burns were coming through from Celtic Boys Club which had been founded in 1971 to bring youngsters under the Celtic Wing.”
For the avoidance of doubt, Mr. Wilson wrote the book as a fully sanctioned and funded Celtic F.C. publication.


Mr. Wilson once claimed in a newspaper article that Rangers F.C. should be ashamed of themselves for advertising McEwans Lager on their shirts. Something to do with the effect it could have on children…….

As Stephen Fry once so succinctly put it, “sometimes there just isn’t enough vomit in the world”

Phil White